RELEAFY is a brand focusing on on-the-go herb & wax vaporizers.
“What we strive to do is to enhance cannabis consumption with technology and make on-the-go sessions more hassle-free.”

The value of cannabis is being recognized worldwide and gaining more and more popularity among the community. But to unleash its true power, people need superior products and solutions. We had witnessed the development of cannabis vaporizers which elevated the marijuana consuming experience overwhelmingly. However, there is still a lot of room for on-the-go vape sessions. So we found RELEAFY, dedicated to providing the community with upgraded designs for a more convenient on-the-go experience.

Based on RELEAFY’s product philosophy “RIP ON THE GO”, SLIDR, TORCH 2.0, and GLOW came out. With all-in-one & slim design, SLIDR gives you the ability to enjoy a relaxing time even when you go hiking or climb mountains. TORCH 2.0 comes along with two different heating chambers, providing flavor chasers with tasty hits and cloud chasers with massive clouds. The portable GLOW works with dab rigs, adding an extra level of filtration for smooth, cool hits. GLOW can also turn to be a dab pen for on-the-go sessions.

Besides the brand wholesale and retail, RELEAFY also provides one-stop cannabis vaping solutions to businesses (white labeling and private labeling). RELEAFY CUSTOMIZATION is a sub-brand owned by RELEAFY, focusing on providing one-stop custom service of vape carts, vape pens, batteries, concentrates vaporizers, and herbal vaporizers.

Specializing in the cannabis vaping industry for over 10 years, RELEAFY has gained 300+ satisfying collaborations from our customers.


PROFESSIONAL R&D TEAM: We have a group of 20+ talented engineers with over a decade of experience and creative minds, who’re unwilling to settle for anything imperfect.

MANUFACTURING CAPACITY: With an area of 107,000 square feet, the RELEAFY manufacturing base owns 30+ professional production lines and 10+assembly lines, which guarantee sufficient capacity.

SAFETY: During the production, we will finish multiple international testing processes before shipment, including high and low-temperature tests, pressure tests, high temperature and humidity tests, endurance tests, drop tests, cross-cut tests, and draw resistance tests.

FAST DELIVERY: RELEAFY will process wholesale orders as soon as possible from USA warehouse, so that you can receive your orders within 5-7 days.

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: RELEAFY sales & customer service staff have been professionally trained and will respond quickly to customer feedback.

ONE YEAR GUARANTEE: 1 year warranty period, if there is any problem with the product, you can return it directly and RELEAFY provides the new one for you.

Backed by strong R&D capacity, manufacturing, and supply chain integration, we are committed to providing quality and innovative vaporizers for everyone, from beginners to connoisseurs, at the most accessible price.

INSTAGRAM: @releafy_420