As technology and cannabis emerge into new spaces and intersect one another, there is an exceeding need in the industry for brands to market to their customers and interact with them using innovative approaches.
The DogeCone brand was established this April to bridge a gap between cryptocurrency and cannabis, while supplying consumers with high quality hemp cones and adding more fun to the purchasing process.

The idea behind DogeCone was envisioned by three college friends that would occasionally have smoke sessions and discuss crypto prospects together. The crew was initially using king size Raw cones to light up at their brainstorm sessions, which they picked up at the local smoke shop. Then, they would hit the gas station for some cold drinks and a couple scratch off tickets with hopes of winning big. Over time, the friends noticed that the smoke shop was having a tough time keeping the raw cones in stock. There was a clear need for more cone products in the market to keep up with consumer demand. Meanwhile, Dogecoin was proving to be a winner for the crew in the crypto world. That’s when the idea sparked! They thought, “What if we combine the lottery ticket concept with preroll cones?” The notion of rewarding users for using their product with cryptocurrency had been unheard of in the cannabis industry, until now. DogeCone offers consumers a great smoking experience and offers a chance to win real rewards in the form of a fan favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

The buds all put their heads together to find the perfect cones to bring their vision to life and create a sustainable business model that would last through the ages. The DogeCone Organic Hemp Cones are available in two convenient sizes: 1-1/4” and KING SIZE 4-packs. These Pre-rolled, organic hemp cones have W-style filter tips, and are ready to fill and pack easily. Tasteless, Non-GMO and Vegan friendly DogeCones are made from 100% organic, thin papers from natural, unbleached fibers that produce a slow burn and enhanced delivery experience. DogeCone Hemp Cones are fulfilled through their central warehouse located in Indianapolis, IN. Each wholesale box holds 24 quality pre-rolled cone 4-packs. Their packaging has a brief explanation of the Dogecone rewards program and has a QR code on the box that directs to their website, where the full detail of their program is described. The DogeCone logo is very recognizable to just about anyone who has heard of cryptocurrency and is based on the popular dog meme that is branded in the history books of our time.

The Dogecoin rewards program is a completely new concept that makes DogeCone stand alone in the crowd. A big difference between lotto scratchers and DogeCone scratchers is that consumers are not just buying the chance to win- they are buying a product that they already intend to use, with the added bonus of a chance to win! Each 4-pack of cones includes one custom scratchoff QR code that offers the opportunity to win actual Dogecoin Crypto. Consumers can scan the QR code instantly with their phone to see what they’ve won, with the chance to win up to 420 Dogecoin! Even if an individual did not end up winning Dogecoin from their QR code, they have an opportunity to win DogeCone merchandise as well. The team at DogeCone takes great pride in not only delivering a high-quality product to their customers, but also a full user experience. From the point of purchase to the end use of the product, consumers are taken on a journey that leaves them coming back for more. The excitement and anticipation of the rewards scratcher starts the experience off on a high note, then they still get to enjoy a smooth smoke and a slow burn with the convenience provided by DogeCones.

The DogeCone team is always there for the retailers. If you have any questions, you can contact them directly on their website, with a guaranteed response in less than 24 hours. They have very intentionally designed their programs to be easy to use and hassle free. For example, if a consumer won Dogecoin, but does not currently have a crypto wallet, their website has a step-by-step link that shows them how to set up a crypto wallet so they can redeem their rewards. This makes it simple for the retailers because they can just tell the customers to scan the QR code to redeem their rewards. Keep an eye out for DogeCones at upcoming Champs Trade Shows, and Impact Trade Shows, where you can meet the team behind this ground-breaking concept. For more information, you can also visit their website at