Lit Culture

Lit Culture just launched an exciting new product, which was showcased at the Champs Trade Show in Orlando this March.

Introducing the Lit Culture Kratom Extract Liquid Line! This line of red vein kratom is taking kratom extract to the next level with innovative flavor infusion tech to create new tasty flavors for the kratom market, starting with two big hits; Butterscotch and Black Honey. Each extract comes in a 15ml Full Spectrum tincture, made with State-of-the-Art Extraction Processes, and are GMOFree, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. Of course, all products are thirdparty tested to ensure premium quality and effectiveness.

The Butterscotch extract contains MIT level 110 mg per bottle, and like a fine cognac, this Superior Kratom Extract proves that everything only gets finer with age. Made from the most mature leaves, this is the most refined and potent extract yet. Robust in flavor and smooth in texture, Kratom savants will appreciate the notes of butterscotch that round out this intense but delectable experience. This extract is $19.99 (MSRP), and is so strong, one bottle is suggested for three servings. Black Honey contains MIT level 70mg per bottle and retails for $14.99. This tincture shot is made from their Select Kratom Extract, perfectly balanced with a distinct flavor profile that’s complemented by hints of black honey. For wholesale, 12 bottles come in a display box, ready to be the star of the countertop!

When it comes to packaging, Lit Culture intends for the customer to consume the product with their eyes before they experience the exquisite flavor. After 2 years of research and development on the tech necessary to create this new, unique product, they decided to make the packaging reminiscent of a high end liquor product. To assist the retailers, they provide marketing material and key points to educate the consumers. They’re so confident in the product, that they’ve made a side by side comparison chart amongst top competitors that stores can show to customers, so they can really see what the Lit Culture difference is. They even STAY LIT! Lit Culture just launched an exciting new product, which was showcased at the Champs Trade Show in Orlando this March. redesigned their website to provide marketing collateral to the stores. An acrylic countertop display is designed to complement the luxurious packaging.

Dennis “3D” Scott, Lit Culture’s influencer spent his NBA career from 1990-2000 playing for a variety of teams such as Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, and Phoenix Suns, to name a few. Being in professional sports his whole life, Dennis has a lot of experience dealing with chronic pain. Once he tried kratom for the first time, he was left to wonder why more people were not aware of it as an alternative to traditional pain meds. He decided to make it a part of his mission to bring awareness to kratom, which is why he has joined the Lit Culture movement.

“Kratom is real, it works, and it’s time for people like myself to let the world know that this counter industry is not bad. I’ve done my due diligence, and I chose to work with Lit Culture because I see its future in the industry. Lit culture is here for the long haul, and I firmly believe it will soon be a household name.” – Dennis Scott

The team is diligently working to expand the tincture line to include the most innovative product sets based on consumer feedback through their social media outlets to give the crowd what they want. In the works, they’ve lined up Kratom Extract Infused Gourmet Coffee Brew Cups Powered by Lit Culture and Kratom Extract Infused Black Tea Brew Cups Powered by Lit Culture (similar to K cups) so customers can brew their own kratom extract infused coffee at home. You can visit the always lively Lit Culture booth at upcoming Trade Shows; TPE, and Champs Las Vegas this year. For more information, visit their website at