Vape. Technology. Performance.

With a humble start, iKrusher was staffed by a handful of young engineers who wanted to scale up the consumer electronics business in Southern California. The company achieved exponential growth the past two years, and now has 54 employees in eight U.S A. locations.

iKrusher was founded in 2017 by CEO Mr. David Chen and defines themselves as a mother brand for all oil and herb vape technology! Following their motto, “Vape Different”, their products’ stylish, simple, and clean presentation is reminiscent of a piece of high-end technology. iKrusher is headquartered in City of Industry, CA with branches in Los Angeles, Richmond, Seattle, Denver, Detroit, and Fort Lauderdale.

iKrusher prides itself on the premium vape hardware, services, and one-stop OEM/ODM vape solutions, with an eye towards cost efficiency. It is a specialized brand in the e-cigarette hardware market, with products designed by a team of highly trained engineers who detail the finer elements of the hardware, taking pride in their technological and design advances. iKrusher strives to be the premium OEM & ODM vape solution provider in the industry.

iKrusher is establishing their brand, so the public will not only know their products, but will connect with their brand identity. They intend to Krush the vape game- literally.

iKrusher targets vape brands and distributors in the US., and provides cartridges, pods, disposable vape pens, and batteries. Check out the entire iKrusher line at www.iKrusher.com

Featuring innovation, customer centricity and performance, iKrusher offers one-stop OEM/ODM vape solutions to distributors and partners.

Check out the entire iKrusher line at www.iKrusher.com

Tel: 888 353 3001, inquiry@ikrusher.com