Drop of Sunshine

Drop of Sunshine isn’t just some other run of the mill Hemp brand

Here at Drop of Sunshine we believe we are all artists creating beautiful works. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, construction worker, mother, or father, we understand your journey matters, which is why all our products are for you. We make quality products with all-natural ingredients and more importantly… with love. We here at Drop of Sunshine actually care about you.

Drop of Sunshine isn’t just some other run of the mill Hemp brand. We are a brand that is resonating with consumers combining art and a lifestyle to our therapeutic products. We are setting the standard for what a Hemp derived brand should be. Everything is made in house, proprietary formulas which we own, heavily lab tested with Cannasafe labs in CA, FDA compliant labeling through ESHA labs, all plant based, and all natural. We know this plant and we didn’t just recently get involved, between our CEO and our lead product developer they have over 35+ years with cannabis. They are the reason cannabis sativa is cool mainstream, because they lived it and pioneered it.

Joint Relief: Our line of topicals are meant to help by the power of essential oils. Such as the fast acting powers of our join relief to ease your pain.


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