Some epiphanies are unmistakable as simple ideas that spark ingenuity at its finest hour, a true “lightbulb” moment. This was one of those moments for the thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could sweeten, flavor, and medicate my favorite cup of coffee all at once?”

Disrupting the CBD Market: The idea for CannaStir was formed as “A new delivery method to uptake cannabinoids into your endocannabinoid system”, enabling users to stir CBD into any coffee (or hot beverage) they want. It would eliminate the need to purchase a specific coffee brand that was already infused with CBD, creating the versatility that consumers deserve in order to dose their CBD accurately, while still enjoying their own favorite coffee. With CannaStir, this became possible for the first time ever! Another important highlight is that it eliminates the use and need for additional artificial flavors or sweeteners, replacing it with organic, pure cane sugar that is already packed in to CannaStir for sweet, tasty goodness.

The versatile usability of CannaStir didn’t end with the original idea, though. It wasn’t intended for CannaStir to be seen as a lollipop, but it was used as such by their customers because the flavor was just too delicious not to! Now, CannaStir is marketed that it can also double as a gourmet lollipop to be enjoyed all on its own.

There are 3 delicious flavors designed to delight any coffee drinker: French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Irish Cream.

Each CannaStir contains 10 MG of pure CBD isolate. CannaStir retails in either a 3-Pack for $9.95 or a 10-Pack for $28.95. For wholesale purchasing, CannaStir is available in a Starter Pack of 60 units (mixed pack with 20 of each flavor), A Single Case of 100 units (flavor specific), and A Master Case of 300 units (flavor specific).

The versatility, the superior flavors, and the use of the highest quality American hemp to make their CBD isolate separates their brand from the pack. CBD Isolate ensures that consumers in states that have laws against cannabis can rest assured with this product when being tested by uranalysis. They take the most pride in practice by ensuring that both their customers and their retailers are first happy and satisfied with the product, and then earning their repeat business through quality customer service and effective pricing. To help support the product for retailers, they provide digital and physical promotional materials (E-flyer and Trifold product info pamphlet) and are revving up their marketing campaign by providing promotional swag gear.

To try out CannaStir for yourself, visit their booth at upcoming Champs Trade Shows, Texas Hemp Fest, or the Houston LiveStock Show & Rodeo. For more information, visit their website at and stay up to date with the brand and follow them on Social Media: IG @cannastir FB @cannastir