• Vaping Trends

    Vaping technology continues to evolve, putting better quality products in the hands of more consumers than ever before.
  • Kratom Industry Comes Together at CHAMPS Las Vegas

    Seminar sponsored by American Kratom Association and Choice Kratom. Follow Link to support the American Kratom Association now!
  • Attention NYC Vape Shops and E-Cigarette Retailers

    Deadline to Apply for New Mandatory License is April 25, 2018
  • Positive News About Vaping

    For those who are waiting for legislators to finally climb off the vaping industry’s back, the news as 2017 drew to a close could be described as heartening.
  • Above Ground Alliance

    Above Ground Alliance - Strength & Unity - Visit Jason from GLOW at CHAMPS Booth #829
  • Cause Marketing

    “Cause marketing” is a popular term that refers to a company’s promotional campaign that has the dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society...
  • Conspiracy

    Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory: JFK. MK Ultra. Area 51. Chemtrails. 9/11. Vaping?...
  • Demographics and Customer Service

    In smoke shops and tobacco outlets, as in other retail establishments, demographics matter...